Thoughts on the Freelance Economy

I kick off this journey believing in the evolving and growing Freelance economy. Having recently read Justin Fox’s article in the Harvard Business Review, I thought what better way to launch this blog than to discuss some thoughts on it. I’ve jumped in!

This economy to me can be full-time, part-time or spare-time but is time dedicated to the passion that you control your own destiny and have experiences that can advance the growth of other’s companies. I love sharing my thoughts and then seeing the successful results from those thoughts.

The journey is both exhilarating and a little scary. Every meeting, video chat, concall comes with some anxiety. Kind of like the hockey player who’s been chosen for the deciding shot in a shoot-out. They know they’re skilled, they’ve done this before and scored but there’s a little nervousness as they stride to center ice to pick up the puck and drive towards the net. As they approach the net their experience and instinct kick-in, the nerves have been shutdown, their strategy is in place and they are executing with passion to score. It started out a little scary but wow is it exhilarating when they score and a learning event if they didn’t. The Advising journey I find similar, a little nervous on whether the millennial will think I’m too experienced, ok old, to help; the technologist on whether there’s enough experience to really relate to their beautiful product or the grizzled sales leader who’s been there before so doesn’t need any advice. One thing I’ve learned is I’m never too experienced to learn, never to set in my ways to change and never too arrogant to not accept thoughtful advice from smart people.

I hope you’ll choose to check in on my thoughts, rants and blog advice as I excitedly venture into the growing Freelance economy.