Prepping for the New Year

Time continues to move at an incredible pace; can’t believe the Holiday Season is in full swing.  As 2015 approaches here are a few of the opportunities I see emerging.

Storytelling lets your company stand out in an ever-crowded tech space.

Whether it’s to get funded, differentiate yourself from competition (that includes the hundreds of other start-ups out there), or better guide your employee’s storytelling so broadcast a better message. A succinct story can:

  • Produce an elevator pitch that moves your listener to a call-to-action. Yes, a 2-minute story can do that.
  • Align your employees around why you’re really in business and address your unique "Why, How, and What" of your business. I love Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle TedTalk shown to the right. I’m drawn to his codifying explanation of how some of the world’s best storytellers get their messages out.
  • Rise above the noise. Articles from both VentureBeat and ChiefMartec share how much money is supporting marketing technology for examples. How can these companies create a story that gets the marketers attention? Their story is here.

Demand actionable insight from your marketing solutions

Analytics – check, I’m sure you’ve got the information but, now what do you do with it?  You need solutions that give you the data and help you to put that data into action. Heavey Advisors evangelizes Strategy + Execution = A Win. Analytics without actionable insight is a half-baked solution. Look for companies and services that can give you both in 2015.

Get a trusted sounding board

It’s busy; it’s frenetic; it’s confusing. Whether you’re a CEO, Founder or Executive, the pace is mind numbing. For your sanity in 2015 look for trusted partners that show you the perspective sometimes lacking in the day-to-day. A good partner also doses out the occasional tough love needed to move thought into performance.

Have a great Holiday Season and look forward to a prosperous 2015.