Your Follow-through leads to Trust and Respect

One simple thing leaders can do that builds trust and respect amongst peers, higher-ups, clients and prospects. It’s Follow-thru. When you say you’re going to do something do it. Whether it’s provide an introduction, send a document, attend a meeting, whatever the item you said you’d do as nike says just do it.


This is one item I try to do with all my clients, my friends and people I meet, follow-through. The more I do it the more people Trust what I say. The more they trust me the more they believe in me, my strategies for success and gain the mutual respect that allows us to gain short-term results with impressive team bonds. It’s kind of simple really but sooo many people I met don’t follow-through. I don’t know the answer really, maybe they’re too busy, the person they promised suddenly isn’t that important to them or sometimes they simply forget.

Remember your commitments, however small they are, follow through and your team, clients and prospects will help you deliver the success you want.