We are your Trusted Advisors and Interim Executives.

We help startups and their investors in the following ways:

CEO Coach/Confidant

CEO can be the Best job in the world but sometimes it’s nice to have a confidant that isn’t an investor or a team member to chat with.

Go-to Market Strategy and Execution

Should we target the enterprise or the SMB, what’s our sales strategy? How do we create market demand and awareness ? Once these important decisions are made,  how do we implement and revise?  Heavey Advisors has developed and executed many start up strategies.

Product Market Feedback

Product/Market fit is essential. How can you get the right feedback from the right source with the right information to help your company build winning product market fit?

Competitive Analysis and Plan

Who are you going to run into? Established companies or new venture-funded startups? Whoever they may be, you need to understand them and plan to differentiate your business from theirs.

Funding Strategy and Pitch

Funding is a start up’s lifeblood. How do you present your story in a compelling way to an A.D.D investor so they’ll listen and engage? We can show you how.

Effective Storytelling

Creation of the compelling Who, What, How and Why that charts a course for greatness is mandatory for you, your investors, your team and your customers. It’s an important, yet often over-looked part of your plan.


 How does our Business Model work?

 We are paid a monthly retainer and small equity grant based upon what you need

 What are some examples of your experience and the Companies you have assisted? 

We’ve helped a diverse range of startups and turnarounds. Some of the specific areas we’ve worked in are:

  • Mobile – Mobile advertising and Mobile Consumer Insights
  • Social – Social Commerce, Social Engagement and Social Advertising
  • Electronic Commerce – Platform creation, Sales Strategy and Execution
  • Online Marketing – Affiliate Marketing, Data Analysis, Healthcare lead generation, SaaS, Directory advertising, Online recruiting
  • Online Data Backup – on and off premise